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Conflicts and arguments are a part of any relationship. They come with territory. We all have different feels, temperaments, perception and values. We now have different ideas on how things should look like and what is important; our sights differ from religion to politics, from marriage to raising children, in the way we spend money, to exactly where we go on vocation.

My husband likes fall season, but I like spring. You can like a romantic comedy, but your sweetheart likes to watch thrillers. You have your views on politics and your friend has a totally opposite view. Your children think that you are to strict however, you just want to protect them.

All of us deal with discord situations in our lives.

If you are like me, then you definitely know how hard it is to prevent your self from insisting on proving your point. It’ s not so easy to overcome the temptation of showing someone wrong and winning the argument. However , it’ s even more complicated to stay kind and loving after a conflict of interests creates a spat between you and someone you love.

This is when a grin and silence come in handy.

You can stop any conflict before it starts by smiling. When you are smiling you are not regarded as an opposition but as a friend. When you smile(not grin sarcastically) it will help people to stop feeling defensive.

Likewise, it’ s in your power to choose to remain silent. Let the other person convey their point of view, then(with a smile) you can present yours. Conflict is just a difference of opinion and it’ s up to us not to let it escalate in to a big argument.

There are some clashes that are irresolvable, and it could be inside your best interest to refrain from insisting on proving your point.

If it is some thing minor, like the choice of the movie you would like to watch, or the restaurant you want to eat at, or the destination of your following vocation; it pays to give in, to be able to stop the argument. Sometimes simply by this act of maturity you are able to create a change of attitude within the other person.

When it is something more serious, such as politics or religion, finances or even our core values, we need to be in agreeement disagree and we must remember that everybody is entitled to their own opinion. It is also useful to realize that we never see the whole picture and there is always a “ slight” possibility that we could be incorrect.

Once the issue of conflict is about your marriage or raising your children, it may be a good idea to seek the help and the expertise of a professional.

When it comes to minor things, consider this question, ” Would I actually rather be happy or right? ” Remember, being always right is a very lonely place.

Here is to grin and silence!

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